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Susin Technologies (P) Ltd - INDIA


Susin ITork (p) Ltd – India


Susin ITork (p) Ltd – India


About Us

Unlocking precision in every environment, our expertise lies in delivering unparalleled flow control solutions you can rely on.


Muthukumar Sunderrajan

About Founder

The "SUSIN GROUP OF INDUSTRIES" was founded by Muthukumar Sunderrajan, a driven and visionary first-generation entrepreneur. In 1992, he founded "SUMKA SONS," a small trading company that marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. Despite starting without prior industry experience, Muthukumar Sunderrajan’s perseverance, strategic thinking, and innovative ideas propelled the company's growth.

Over the years, his dedication and hard work have expanded the enterprise into a diverse conglomerate comprising ten companies operating across six countries. This growth is further highlighted by the establishment of three offices in key locations across India, showcasing the company's strong national presence.

Muthukumar Sunderrajan’s success story reflects not only his resilience but also his ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and his relentless pursuit of excellence. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating the importance of determination, strategic planning, and unwavering commitment to success.

Our Company

Trustworthy & Reliable

Your Beacon of Trust and Reliability in the Metal Industry. With a steadfast dedication to excellence, we forge lasting partnerships by delivering premium metal solutions tailored to your needs. Backed by decades of expertise and a commitment to innovation, Susin stands as your unwavering ally in realizing your vision. From precision engineering to meticulous fabrication, every product bearing the Susin name embodies our pledge to quality and reliability. Join us in shaping the future of metal craftsmanship, where trust and reliability are not just promises but our guiding principles.

Our History

  1. Start

    Company slowly evolved as machined castings exporter to European and USA companies

  2. Casting Exporter

    Company started as a Calibration equipment distributors for European brands in India

  3. Susin Technology

    Company Re Grouped under the brand name of “SUSIN”

  4. Proud supplier to burj khalifa

    It was a Prestige projects the company, in first year of operation the company supplied to the world tallest Building" Burji Khalifa".

  5. JV company formed

    Company established IV with Korean valve actuator manufacturing company I-Tork Controls.

  6. LBH, International

    It was a one step ahead, next JV was formed with a Danish company LBH International A/s. LBH is a proven products in the Expansion joints for the more than three decades.

  7. Product Manufacturer

    IT was one of the very successful year, We become a Product manufacturer for few Europe and USA companies in valve and valve automation industry

  8. Member of CII

    As a Proud member of CII, our MD was a member of the Trade delegates to Doha, Qatar. Which had enabled us to start our first middle east operation in Qatar.

  9. Supplier to FL Smith

    We become a Greene channel supplier for the world biggest cement plants EPC. M/s. FL Smidth, for the Pneumatic gates and Dampers.

  10. Pneumatic Actuator

    Since the success of compact Electrical quarter turn actuator, gave us the confident to indigenise the pneumatic actuator manufacturing in India.

  11. GE Oil & Gas division

    Our first Break through on big Oil & Gas companies, we become proud supplier of GE Oil & Gas division for all their Global locations.

  12. Actuator supplier

    When a big challenges was given to us to develop and supply compact profibus electrical actuator for HVAC application in QATAR FOUNDATION, with our IV partners-Tork korea, we developed and supplied with in six month time, NOW WE HAVE MAXIUM NUMBER OF INSTALLATION IN QATAR for profibus actuator.

  13. 10 th year

    It was a celebrating year, we completed 10 years in operation and supporting valve automation industries in India and Middle east.

  14. In-house design Capabilities

    Same year we improved our facility and strengthen our design in-house design capabilities by purchasing license version of solid works and Altair.

  15. Emerson Asian operations

    Our Second move forward in Oil & Gas industry, we become a successful supplier of actuator to Emerson Asian operations.

  16. Co owner LBH

    It was a proud movement that, we become a co-owner of LBH International, to celebrate the movement our Indian ambassador to Denmark visited our factory.

  17. Partner of KTC

    To be a total solution provider to Valve automation we extablised a marketing association with KTC Germany, a proven Hydraulic valve automation solution in German for more than Decade.

  18. Yoga day sponsor

    International Yoga day Celebration jointly with Indian embassy of Denmark.

  19. LBH Asia

    To strengthen our Expansion joints business, an Asian office started in Singapore called LBH Technology ( Asia) Pty Ltd.,

  20. 15 th year

    It was a celebrating year, we completed 15 years in operation and supporting valve automation industries in India

  21. Desalination Involvement

    Desalination Involvement has just begun its journey, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge desalination solutions.

  22. 10 th year celebaration in Middle East

    10th year celebration in Middle East